Mukora - This magic axe was created by Palelil the Taldor god so that Greffen, the first born of the Taldor race could smite the creation of Dalkhad (the first born of the dwarven race. (Dal = son, khad = of the god). With unearthly strength and magical fire the axe was forged from the metal in a fallen star, with a shaft of petrified oak.

Once created it was given to Grefrin and Palelil quested him to destroy the beautiful creation of Rhorkhad (rhor = dwarf). Rhorkhad saw the acts of the jealous god and made Khamalkhad for Dalkhad. The two battled and Dalkhad won, but before anything else could happen, Palelil killed Dalkhad, took Mukora, and hid it in Delqafi Cavern.

This magic axe does double damage against Yetis.

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