Vital statistics
Type Town
Level Unknown
Location Kalased
Inhabitants 250

Businesses of HarazaEdit

  • Maluan's Supply Shop
  • Haraza Axe and Sword
  • Pints o' Plenty
  • Haraza Fittery
  • Smith instruction
  • Riverside Inn
  • Lunak - Armorer
  • The Gem Quarter - sales right, cutting and polishing left
  • Loremaster
  • Haraza Swordplay Academy
  • Smithy - Employment Available

Notable People in HarazaEdit

  • Fazil
  • Tyal
  • Talm
  • Yukris
  • Dium
  • Eria
  • Juwan - The Bartender
  • Trinjara
  • Barney
  • Folgra
  • Rapan
  • Grep

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